30 Free & Beautiful Resume Templates To Download

30 Free & Beautiful Resume Templates To Download

Making an impressively designed resume from scratch may be a bit of a challenge, especially if you don’t do design for a living. But if you want to give your resume a visually stimulating edge, grab any of these resume templates below.

There are many premium CV templates available on the Web but these free templates are classy choices too. From minimalistic to modern, to loud and fabulous, find a resume design that shows your personality then hone that to showcase your best features and make yourself more marketable.

IMAGE: Fernando Báez

IMAGE: Al Rayhan

IMAGE: Abdullah Al Mamun

IMAGE: Fay Zodiac

IMAGE: Ira Vosorowa

IMAGE: Ayoob Ullah

IMAGE: Jahangir Alam Jisan

IMAGE: Paolo Pettigiani

IMAGE: Saptarshi Nath

IMAGE: Fernando Báez

IMAGE: Alamin Mir

IMAGE: Demorfoza

IMAGE: Clément Loyer

IMAGE: Hadi Reda

IMAGE: Pixeden

IMAGE: Hans-Jørgen Løken

IMAGE: Raka Caesar

IMAGE: Mohammad Al Omayer

IMAGE: Tilman Roeder

IMAGE: Zippy Pixels

IMAGE: Wassim Awadallah

IMAGE: RockStarCV Resumes

IMAGE: Muhamad Reza Adityawa

IMAGE: Kevin Cdnc

IMAGE: Hey Bundle

IMAGE: Karim Tarek

IMAGE: Georgian-Sorin Maxim

IMAGE: Amy Dozier

IMAGE: Pa Tiessen

IMAGE: Nasir Uddin


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